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Shogun Inferno & Sony FS5 Setup for High Frame Rate

Atomos Flame Series with Sony
FS5 Setup

Atomos Ninja Inferno and Panasonic GH5 Setup guide

AtomOS 8.1 High Frame Rates for Sony FS-Raw now available.

Video Production Equipment for Smart Producers

Video Production Equipment

Smart Producers – Latest Video Production equipment & Tools

Revitalise Your Tape Camcorder as a Modern Production Camera! Upgrade your equipment and video production to the next level. Give your HD tape camcorder new meaning in a modern video production work flow. Simply use your tape camcorder with all your accessories and record straight onto the Atomos Ninja Star. Retrieve your footage in straight from the Atomos Ninja Star in Apple ProRes into your post production. Record seamlessly from expensive camcorders and action cams and edit ready Apple ProRes files.

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DSLR Video Recording – Need more Recording Capacity for Video? If your camera has a HDMI socket, you are most likely in business. Attach the Atomos Ninja Star straight on the hot shoe of your camera, connect both units via the HDMI connectors and you are ready to go. Hours of Apple ProRes recording straight from the recorder/deck ready for post production. Enjoy the quality of DSLR video and lens from your new found DSLR-Video camera. At 3 inches and 100g the world’s smallest and lightest Apple ProRes recorder fits in your pocket or mounts to your DSLR.

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