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Atomos help creative professionals cut through

technology barriers by creating easy to use, cutting

edge products that enable faster, higher quality and

more affordable video production.

Products like our Shogun, Ninja and Samurai range that merge recording,

monitoring, playback & editing into a single touch screen device as well as

a host of converters, power solutions and accessories that innovate to

solve real problems faced in the field.



  Hollywood quality Recording Record 4K & HD from the sensor of the world’s leading cameras direct to Hollywood editing formats (ie 422 10-bit Apple ProRes and AVID DNxHD/DNxHR) for high quality, time-saving integration into Apple, Adobe and AVID workflows. (Note: 4K recording only with Shogun)
  Long Recording Time Super long record times (e.g. 10 hours of HD ProRes HQ on a 1TB HDD) onto high capacity, reliable and affordable media from the world’s leading brands (Sandisk, Transcend, Intel etc).

  Review on Set Collaborate on set with both playback controls and monitor tools for instantaneous review of recorded and uploaded content. View on screen or out to a larger TV or monitor.

  Video Monitoring
Class leading monitors with crystal clear detail and accurate colors that include tools for confirming focus, color, exposure and framing.
  Audio Monitoring Premium audio monitoring and recording over HDMI/SDI and even Balanced XLR in the case of Shogun.

  Metadata TAG Tag clips during recording or playback to create a FCPX project with tagged footage.


Creative Challenges

My eternal challenge is the need to balance the highest possible recording quality with the need to minimize equipment and weight. My most recent trip to Nepal for example saw us keep up with some of the world’s top mountaineers (Conrad Anker & Hilaree O’Neill) across the biggest mountain ranges on the planet while carrying my own gear. Shooting in 4K with the Shogun on the Sony A7s has enabled me to do more with less weight.

Durability & reliability paramount

In our remote locations there is no second take, no chance to get replacement products. The kit you have at the start of the expedition needs to perform right to the end. We put the Shogun through its paces in -30°C temperature, crammed into climbing backpacks, thrown on the rock, in the snow…generally used and abused. And it survived.

Hollywood quality, small footprint

Before the Atomos Shogun, I used larger camera systems to get the quality I need where I could. Physically however I couldn’t carry the RED up to 20,000 feet as well as keep up with the athletes and Sherpa friends I was climbing with. With Shogun, I just used a simple arm to connect to the A7s… no need for any massive shoulder rig or extra cage. We can deliver Hollywood quality with a rig that can be carried across 20,000 feet ridge tops for 15 hours a day.

Less time in post production

Outside of the quality we get with 4K recording, the fact that all of the recordings are done straight to Apple ProRes 422 HQ is a huge bonus and a massive time saver for my post process. We edit in Adobe Premiere CC and even though it handles most RAW codecs for big projects I have to transcode everything… but not the 4K from the Shogun since Premiere accepts the ProRes files natively without any need to transcode.

Shot accuracy without distraction

During shooting, having waveform and focus assist monitoring tools on screen is also huge for me. I’m often in high angle situations where I have to be conscious of my safety which takes half of my attention away from the technical nitty gritty of shooting…It’s easy to over-expose or miss my focus, so having these pro overlays is really important when I only have a one take, one moment to capture a scene.

Review footage instantly

The Shogun was also useful for client review with our stripped down crew. We had a few directors working in tandem on the ground and in the air and sharing the footage on a larger screen while on the go rather than on the back of the A7s made decision making on set an easy task. We would sit in the tent at night sharing what we shot with the client, both knowing exactly what was captured during the day.

Overall the Shogun is a big deal for adventure filmmakers like myself. Most of the serious shooters I know already have the Shogun and are starting to push the limits with it on cutting edge expeditions. I’m really excited for the future of exploration with this valuable tool.

“We put the Shogun through its paces in -30°C temperature, crammed into climbing backpacks, thrown on the rock, in the snow…generally used and abused. And it survived.”